2015 MSAA Four Seasons Art Showcase Entrants

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Janet Laycox – West Milford, NJ

My name is Janet Laycox. I was diagnosed with MS in 1994. I have Secondary Progressive MS and use a walker to get around. I always feel so good when people tell me that they are amazed at how much I do. Yes, as most of us MS’ers know, we can do what anyone else does but in our own way. I have been volunteering at the West Milford Animal Shelter for 12 years. I also am a volunteer at our support group for MS, the ADA committee for my township and the Passaic County Council on Disability. A few of us from the Squeaky Wheels MS support group thought it would be fun to join in a community center oil painting class. Well here are three of the first oil paintings I ever did. I must say I really enjoyed it, will continue and hope to improve.


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