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Jan Lee Ginther – Rochester, IN

I am fifty-eight, married for 23 years November 22 this year and have no children. I raise French Bulldogs, am a Master Gardener, make greeting cards, crochet and enjoy most any craft project.

Being an only child and moving a lot with my father’s job, I learned to entertain myself. Horses, reading, drawing and crafts were a large part of my youth. Later in life, I found teachers of Calligraphy and oil painting. Diagnosed with MS in 1996, my life took a drastic change. My horses had to go, I lost my job, and everything was just wrong. For a few years, I fought depression and confusion over the drastic changes to my abilities. Once the changes were conquered and I got back on track, I renewed my craft craving. Just a few months ago, watercolor classes were offered at our local library. I was in and hooked! My life is back on track; I deal with my challenges and am continuing to move forward.


Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mary Had a Little Lamb
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