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Shana Stern – Austin, TX

I was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago, at 30. Last year, the daily grind of fatigue, nerve pain, vision issues and drop foot had worn me down. A torn ankle trapped me at home. I was stuck.

I stumbled on the MSAA Artists page and was so inspired, the next day I had canvas and paints. But unable to hold a paintbrush, it made painting feel… impossible. Then, I realized I could paint with my fingers. And suddenly I was creating these wonderful pieces. Everything I do is done with my fingers working either on top of or underneath the canvas.

When I am sitting on the floor, bent over my paintings, covered in paint — I feel no pain, no sensory issues — I feel MS-free. Better yet, I feel totally free.

Last month, my neurologist declared that my attitude and energy had changed tremendously. It’s 100 % from painting and now selling my paintings. He said I was a “poster child” for art therapy. Painting has healed so much in me. And what can’t be physically healed – is made tolerable by the joy I get from painting.

I can’t hold a paintbrush. I can’t see some days. But I can paint. And when I do – I can feel and see all of the colors and beauty in the world.


Awake My Soul – Fluid Acrylic
Awake My Soul - Fluid Acrylic - Artwork

Being Alone Together – Fluid Acrylic
Being Alone Together - Fluid Acrylic - Artwork

Faust Arp – Fluid Acrylic
Faust Arp - Fluid Acrylic - Artwork