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Janice Paige – Bel Air, MD

My name is Janice. I am the mother of two grown sons and a wife of thirty-five years. I was a Special Educator for twenty-eight years. I enjoy making wreaths for the front door and for various areas of our home. I obviously enjoy sketching and painting. I find it exciting and relaxing.

I was diagnosed with r/r multiple sclerosis in the winter of 1999 after a bout with the flu. The doctor that examined me indicated that my right side was weak and that something was going on with my brain. I was so afraid that I just went numb! I was referred to a neurologist who scheduled me for several MRI test. I was also scheduled for a couple of spinal taps. However, I was not diagnosed for eight months. My final diagnoses came from a brilliant doctor at Hopkins who simply used scans to make the diagnoses. Although my life will never be the same, he gave me hope for the future. It has been difficult making lifestyle changes. However, I’ve taken it one day at a time.


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