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Ronda Jordan – Gramercy, LA

My name is Ronda Jordan and I am 54 yrs. old. I was diagnosed with MS in 1992 in Dallas Texas where I was raised. Battling MS has been difficult however I have always lived my life to the fullest despite it. I married my husband “Billy” 12 years ago and had to move away from my home and family in to live in Southern Louisiana. A culture shock would be putting it mildly and life on the Bayou was not fun for me! My husband “Billy” and I share a love for fishing, so we bought a “camp” on the bayou and began spending our time fishing together. Slowly I began to discover the beauty here and while painting the scenery I began to feel a positive change about my life here. Since my husband is a Sheriff’s Detective, I am alone most of the time and my painting eases those long lonely days. I try to teach a bit of oil painting now and have begun to make many treasured friends here in Southern Louisiana! Hope you enjoy my work!


Little Bit of Bayou
Little Bit of Bayou - Artwork

Sea Stroll
Sea Stroll - Artwork

Swamp Solitude
Swamp Solitude - Artwork