2014 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Tammy Jennings – Monterey, CA

My name is Tammy Jennings and I lived in picturesque Monterey, California. I am a 54-year-old, single woman, and I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1996; I was 37 when diagnosed. I worked full-time until December 2006 when I had to “retire” as the unpleasant “side-effects” of my MS became too much to handle in a work environment. As a result of having more free time and at the suggestion of my cousin, I started painting. It has been a wonderful outlet. The inspiration for the paintings submitted were spring and the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. I painted the two “Flowers in Pots” to be displayed together, as a pair.

Both pictures are painted with Acrylic paints.


Flower Pots #1
Flower Pots #1 - Artwork

Flower Pots #2
Flower Pots #2 - Artwork