2014 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Teresa Grzeslo – North Barrington, IL

I am a visual learner and creativity has been a valued part of my life. I was encouraged in artistic endeavors yet choose the health care field to work, using artistic expressions as a therapeutic tool. Over the years, I’ve dabbled in a variety of crafts and hobbies. I volunteered in school activities promoting creativity. Four years ago, I learned of MSAA’s artistic showcase. Given the theme of “Change”, I decided to take the challenge. Since then, each year I look forward to the challenge of conveying my ideas through art.

“Flight Into Light” is inspired by a pet that has been in my family for 45 years. This Amazon Parrot is practically a sibling. Wistfully, I offer freedom in a perfect world.

Could freedom and control be issues for me as I experience loss?


Flight into Light
Flight into Light - Artwork