2014 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Bob Donner – Apple Valley, MN

I think you have MS, the doctor said to my wife and me, and then promptly left the room. We stared at each other, wondering “What the heck is MS?” Of course we’d heard of MS, but to us it was only a charitable cause with no personal connection. Since that day in June 2008 we have learned so much, probably way too much, about MS.

Being forced into “medical retirement” gave me the time to discover I had an artistic side. Due to its constant availability, a computer screen became my canvas. I may be confined to a wheelchair, but my art has opened up a new world to me – a world of color and shapes and shading. It has forced me to look at everything with “new” eyes. As limiting as my disability is, I can’t help but be grateful for what it has given me.


Aurora Campfire
Aurora Campfire - Artwork

Double fun
Double fun - Artwork

Dubuque Courthouse
Dubuque Courthouse - Artwork