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Jennifer Attwood – Parker, CO

I have RRMS and was diagnosed with MS in 2007. I have received a much needed ice vest and the approval of assistance with my Brain scan MRI.

I have taken up watercolor art media in the last year 2013. A gift from my sister was a fantastic collection of brushes and paints. I have had many careers and led a very active life until I lost my job in 2009.

I have a studio degree in Art education, but didn’t fall back on my degree until 1995.

I worked as a jewelry sales and craft casting for 7 years in Boulder Colorado. In 1987 I joined Continental Airlines as a flight Attendant at the Hub in Denver, Co. In 1995 I earned a Teaching license of Art with grades K-12. I taught all ages here in Colorado until the year 2000. I was an accomplished horse rider & as my daughters were growing up I was a Manager of Stateline Tack dept. of PetSmart until they sold the business in 2007. I was a pet products manager for 2 years after being diagnosed with MS. The loss of that job devastated my husband and I.

I have 4 daughters! Jessica, Sabrina, April, and Leanne.

Oh, and did I mention the man I married? Edward is my handsome Cowboy!


My Little Piece of the Ocean in Colorado
My Little Piece of the Ocean in Colorado - Artwork