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Tracy Szczudlak (MS Support Group) – Demotte, IN

Welcome to our Multiple Sclerosis support group. We all have Multiple Sclerosis but think of it as our multiple strengths. We focus more on the positive and not the negative. We can come in and relax and let our guard down. We come together as a family and our group learns together about wellness, education, learning how to be our own advocates, adapting and personal issues. We keep up with the newest medications, research, figuring out how to deal with the dark side of depression, fatigue and the up and downs of relapses. It’s great because we do a lot of laughing and crying with each other.

The words on our painting come from our hearts about how being in our group makes us feel. We know we are not alone. It is wonderful to be able to share with another person who understands what you are dealing with or going through.

We always have Helping Hands reaching for togetherness and when we are in need.


Helping Hands MS Art Project
Helping Hands MS Art Project
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