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Sue Gibson – LaGrange, IN

After being diagnosed with MS, I now realize that I probably have had it for many years, I just did not recognize or know the symptoms.

For a few years after the diagnosis, I just pretended I did not have it and did nothing about it. It was always in the back of my mind. I could feel it creeping through my body, up my legs and into my arms. I was sure those feelings would go away. A new MRI showed increased lesions and I know my life had to change. It was decision time. I decided to try injections three times a week. Giving myself a shot was a big change and hard to accept. I do feel it is helping and I am hopeful for good news on my next MRI.

My watercolor of the two deer in the snow is about finding and making new friends. As they meet, the moon lights their way through the forest together, a change for both of them.

Life is full of change for everyone. There is always someone just like you out there who is also looking for answers. Look around and you will find them. Make those changes in your life positive ones.


Making New Friends
Making New Friends
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