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Jennifer C.P. Richard – Baton Rouge, LA

Being creative and persistent is the key to my world. Pin pointing where it all started is difficult, childhood, college, adult, yes, I have loved making and creating for as long as I can recall. Studying Art and Design in college led me from hobby to career, trying any material and/ or technique I could access focusing on adaptive reuse. My biggest influence was the Art and Crafts Movement, especially Charles Mackintosh, inspiring that when his name was on a design, every aspect of the space was his own. My favorite thing is that I have the ability to design it, build it, finish it, frame it, and install it; I love to create entire spaces head to toe along with all of its accessories.

Designing and creating furniture became my life/career combining paint, metal, wood, and glass. Managing a custom woodworking business (13 years) apprenticing under Ford Thomas- developing skills and techniques that are priceless.

A Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis became a large stumbling block in furniture production and career, which led to my painting hobby taking a critical view at “Change”. I use a variety of techniques and mediums (my favorite now being ink) each piece is grouped around one specific theme and meaning “Change”. I did not set out to be and environmental artist or to create artwork relating to social commentary, but as my portfolio developed a pattern clearly emerged I had not intended but am very pleased with.

I do not always come across as the most positive artist- trying to capture changes and things taken for granted to the earth, as well as the body can be portrayed as controversial. Change is constant and inevitable dealing with change is what I portray. Each person who sees my art takes something a little different from it and I am happy with that.


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