2012 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Thomas Geier – Boulder, CO

I am a retired science teacher diagnosed with MS in 1996. I developed an interest in oil painting several years ago and am a self taught artist with an interest in the many historical sites in and around the state of Colorado. This painting depicts the Crystal Mill perched precariously above the Crystal River just outside of Marble, Co. It’s original function, as a part of the nearby Crystal Mine operation, has long been lost. It has , however, through changes unforeseen, gained a greater purpose as an iconic symbol of Colorado’s historic mining past. It has become one of the most recognized and photographed symbols of mining ingenuity in the State of Colorado. So it is with my contest with MS. As I have been forced to alter my physical expectations of my natural aging process, I have been blessed with a positive side of change as I grow as an artist. I hope you find inspiration in this unique structure, still anchored on solid rock.


On This Solid Rock I Stand
On This Solid Rock I Stand
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