2012 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Angela Bennett – Lexington, KY

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 at the age of 25. I was on Vacation in London England, when I lost my vision, and I couldn’t walk. I had to take an emergency flight back home to the US and went immediately to the ER had an MRI and was diagnosed with MS. Back then, I assumed the worst. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to see or walk again, and the doctors couldn’t tell me otherwise. I went into the ICU for 5 days with 4 weeks of Solu-Medrol and my eyesight returned and I was able to walk again. But I was forever changed. My life, my future plans, forever changed. But it was at this moment, that I became strong, and determined more than ever to persevere and not allow this Disease to define who I am. Out of the darkness, I awoke to a whole new reality of how I perceived the world. I take nothing for granted, and I live each day to its fullest potential. I have RRMS but my MS is very aggressive, and I became disabled in 2009. Since becoming disabled, I have grown in ways I never once thought possible. I have become a beacon of light, caring and volunteering for others when I can, and my empathy and compassion is stronger than it’s ever been. This acrylic painting on canvas, titled Aneia, represents my souls awakening and expansion to the person that I am today.


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