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Christine Roe – Richland, WA

Art has always inspired great joy in me. I see art in everything. Art is to create, whether it is paper or clay. It can be lessons and it can be what your outlook on life is.

When I was 16 the world was my oyster. I believed that if I did the right things, like be a good person and worked hard, that the life I wanted would be mine. Then I got sick, and my life changed forever. My first attack nearly killed me, and I still haven’t regained all I lost. There were a lot of meds and doctors and therapy. When I was diagnosed with MS, I cried. I didn’t even know what MS was, but it meant other attacks. That terrified me.

MS has brought me great friends and a different way of looking at things. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. MS taught me so many things – like to be thankful and treasure friends and family. It taught me, what we think will always be, is a fragile thought. That’s the truth in everything. Very few things can be eternal.

The challenges everyone faces are different. Those challenges can be blessings in disguise. Whatever problems you face, please be inspired to be grateful for all you have. Those things might not be there tomorrow. That is why we all need the art of hope.


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