The S.E.A.R.C.H.™ Toolkit

MSAA has produced a variety of informational tools to help people maximize their success with SEARCH. In addition to this booklet, MSAA has produced a wallet-size reference card that includes the six key elements of SEARCH. A SEARCH reference card has been included on the inside-back cover of this booklet.

As a secondary and more comprehensive tool to help organize and manage the many aspects of SEARCH, MSAA has created a very useful patient workbook. The SEARCH Patient Workbook includes an easy-to-follow chart which organizes and provides current MS treatment options; a comprehensive listing of suggested questions within each aspect of SEARCH; ample writing space to develop questions and take comprehensive notes; an extensive resource guide; and an office-visit questionnaire to help prioritize questions for the doctor. You can download your free copy of the MSAA SEARCH Patient Workbook online at or you can request a copy be mailed to you by calling (800) 532-7667.

Details of MSAA’s SEARCH program may also be viewed online through an informative webinar that was presented live and recorded for on-demand viewing at any time. To access this webinar – which may be viewed as an online video or in a written, slide format – please go to and select the “How to SEARCH for the Right MS Therapy for You!” webinar from among the many educational video selections.

As the SEARCH campaign expands, MSAA will continue to organize and host national, public education programs through our network of regional offices. Additional SEARCH tools MSAA seeks to develop include support materials for healthcare professionals to help patients and their doctors work together to make informed decisions.

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