Extavia® (interferon beta-1b)

FDA-Approved Medications: Administered by Self-Injection

Company: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

  • Administered by subcutaneous injection every other day; dose is 250 mcg
  • Approved for relapsing forms of MS and for individuals with CIS

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Extavia is an interferon beta-1b that is biologically identical to Betaseron and made in an identical process, but marketed by a different company. It was released in early 2010.

Extavia shares all prescribing, side effect, and safety information with Betaseron. The two pharmaceutical companies manage the patient-support programs differently; prices and copayments may also vary. The latest information is available through the patient-support programs at these two companies. For more information, visit mymsaa.org, and select “About MS,” and “Prescription Assistance Programs.”

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