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Cooling Distribution Program

Step 1. Determine Income Eligibility: MSAA triples the Federal Poverty Guidelines per Household as the basis of our income eligibility. Before applying, please verify if you are at or below the listed amount for the number of people in your household (based on your most recent tax return).

MSAA’s Yearly Family Income Guidelines (based on 3x the federal poverty level)

Persons living in the Household Income
1 $36,420
2 $49,380
3 $62,340
4 $75,300
5 $88,260
6 $101,220
7 $114,180
8 $127,140

If your income is at or below the listed amount for the number of people living in your household, then please continue with the application process.

Step 2. Select a Method: MSAA offers two options to apply to the Cooling Program:

  • Paper Application – you can download and print the MSAA Cooling Program paper application or call MSAA at (800) 532-7667, ext. 154. to request a copy in the mail.
  • Online Application – you can apply online but you must scan and upload proof of an MS diagnosis. MSAA will accept a doctor’s prescription or letter that verifies your MS diagnosis, or a photo of the box/label from an MS DMT medication.

Step 3. Submit the Application:

  • For the Paper Application: Please print, complete, sign, and return the application to MSAA via fax at 856-488-8257 or mail to 375 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.
  • For the Online Application: BEFORE starting the online application process, you must have your proof of MS diagnosis scanned and ready to upload. Your proof must be uploaded as an image (jpg, gif, png, bmp file) or PDF file and not exceed 5 MB.

Once you have your proof of diagnosis scanned and ready to upload, then please begin the MSAA Cooling Program online application.