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Offering Lifelines...

for information and support

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Photo of a woman on the phone MSAA’s Helpline may be reached by calling (800) 532-7667, extension 154 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, eastern time Individuals may also email questions to:

MSAA's client services department provides valuable information for individuals with MS, family members, and care partners. In an effort to expand MSAA's availability and outreach, an online response initiative has been developed to address questions via an online response forum at Emailed questions will be answered by experienced client services consultants. Visitors to MSAA's website may also access this service by simply clicking the MS Questions link featured on

In addition, individuals may call MSAA's toll-free, Helpline at (800) 532-7667, extention 154 to speak with a client services consultant. MSAA's consultants offer information and encouragement, teaming with clients and their care partners to identify obstacles and discover ways to overcome them. They may also recommend specific programs offered by MSAA and assist with the application process. MSAA's goal is to ultimately achieve overall wellness and positive health outcomes.

MSAA's client services department is an excellent resource for learning about local professionals and services through an extensive national database. Consultants may also assist with: up-to-date information on MS research, treatments, and pharmaceutical assistance programs; legal issues, such as Social Security Disability Insurance, Americans with Disabilities Act, and employment; identifying healthcare providers; information regarding patient education, counseling, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy; and other wellness programs. In addition, consultants can help clients and care partners prepare questions for visits with their physicians.

When needed, MSAA staff provide follow-up services to individuals in need of additional support. These contacts are designed to help identify and manage presenting issues in relation to the client's overall health and wellbeing.

My MS Manager™ App IconMSAA now offers a mobile phone application for individuals with MS and their care partners to use free of charge on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Titled "My MS Manager™" this first-of-its-kind mobile app for MS provides individuals with a convenient and effective tool to manage the ever-changing course of their disease.

Screenshot of My MS Manager™ on an iPhoneMy MS Manager™ allows users to: input and store comprehensive medical records along with vital contact information of their healthcare team; record the onset of symptoms or MS flare-ups and track their duration, frequency, and intensity; log information about medication side effects as well as effective treatment strategies; and journal other important details essential to promoting good health and wellbeing.

With My MS Manager, reports can be generated from the information logged on one's mobile device. These reports can also be shared with physicians and other members of the healthcare team via email updates and secure online access. Other features of the mobile app include an active feed of current MS-related news and links to MS resources, such as MSAA events, contact information, and a locator powered by Google Maps to find nearby emergency care, physicians, or hospitals instantly from one's mobile device.

Please visit to learn more about this product and to download My MS Manager from the iTunes store.

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