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By providing answers and encouragement

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“I have only been diagnosed (with MS) for about a year. I wandered around in the dark for the first four months until I found the MSAA. I would like to thank the MSAA for all the help and encouragement they gave me. They helped me get through the roughest part of my life I’ve ever had.”

– T.S. from Florida

Photo of a woman on the telephoneReceiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and living with the disease can be challenging, difficult at times, and understandably, life-changing. The course of the disease, the variability of its attacks and remissions, the myriad of symptoms, and its impact on work, family, and relationships often cause many uncertainties, questions, and the need for answers.

MSAA’s Helpline allows individuals with MS, family members, care partners, and friends, to connect directly with one of MSAA’s experienced Client Services Specialists and receive valuable information, guidance, and support. Our highly-trained specialists, who have a social services or counseling background, are available to assist individuals with MS and the people close to them adapt to the changes they may be experiencing, as they go through a life-long process of adjustments to best suit their evolving needs.

MSAA’s specialists can offer encouragement to clients and their care partners to identify obstacles and discover ways to overcome them. They may also recommend specific programs offered by MSAA and assist with the application process.

Image of iconsPeople may call our national toll-free Helpline at (800) 532-7667, ext. 154 as well as connect to MSAA’s Specialists via email at and online through our MS Chat feature. Specialists are here to listen, provide reassurance and encouragement, answer questions, and link individuals to appropriate services. Topics commonly addressed by our specialists include:

  • Updates on MS research, treatments, and medication assistance programs
  • MS research centers nationwide
  • Health insurance and access to care
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Employment issues and vocational services
  • Social Security programs
  • Attorneys specializing in disability law
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Exercise and wellness opportunities
  • Transportation services
  • Overall healthcare information and resources

In an effort to expand MSAA’s ability to help individuals with MS better understand and manage their disease, MSAA is piloting a new program titled, Multiple Sclerosis: On Your Terms. Designed as a six-week, online program, MSAA’s Client Services Specialists teach coping and stress-management techniques to small groups of MS clients through an interactive, privacy protected software system. The goal is to develop problem-solving strategies and effective communication practices that enable participants to better adjust to the uncertainties of MS. Participation for this program is based on healthcare provider referral to MSAA and more information will be posted on MSAA’s website at when available.