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Awareness Events

Information is one of the most powerful tools used by individuals to understand and manage multiple sclerosis. In addition to our comprehensive publications and ever-expanding Lending Library program, MSAA also organizes and sponsors a wide array of public education and awareness events. These events often feature expert neurologists and healthcare professionals who bring clients the latest information on the advances in MS research, available treatment options, and new techniques to meet the physical, emotional, and social challenges which arise from living with a chronic illness.

MSAA coordinates these events in a variety of formats to help best present the information and resources to our clients and the general public. These events include conferences with multiple speakers, one-on-one workshops, health fairs, seminars, luncheons, and information booths. Topics are carefully selected to help cover a broad range of issues with important and useful information that enables participants to change their lives. Just some of the many topics through these events include clinical trial updates, pain management, positive living, effective exercises and therapies, managing health insurance issues, and a myriad of other real-life issues which are important to those with MS and their care partners.

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that bring me so much joy and pleasure. And the neighbors are
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Nancy Bartrum - Glassboro, NJ

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