2016 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase – AOM August


Carol Tomlin – Woodbine, NJ

In 2003 I began stumbling while scouting for deer hunting areas with my husband Clarence. I was soon diagnosed with MS. Hands now shaky, I can no longer enjoy painting and even had to leave my job. With time on my hands I continued to exercise by working the family farm. My husband became ill and passed away in 2013.

Accommodations had to be made for me to continue to care for the farm and its many inhabitants of cattle, goats, rabbits, chickens, coon hounds and a horse. I bought a “Gator” to help with the farm work and transport me around the property.

Determined to paint again, I had a cabin constructed on the place where my husband and I loved to sit together and watch the wild game in the back yard. There I found the peace I needed to steady my hand and paint again.

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Summer at Old Faithful Inn 1904
Summer at Old Faithful Inn 1904