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2013 MSAA Art Showcase Artist of the Month

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Lucinda Mierek

My Multiple Sclerosis has changed me from being a "go getter" into a person who sleeps most of the day. When I am awake I'm too fatigued to be motivated beyond doing the necessities of household chores. I find it difficult to concentrate.

My art has changed because of my fatigue and lose of concentration. My images used to be tight and are now loose. The content was edgier and is now more mainstream. However, my color use is getting better possibly because I'm losing my vision and am trying to compensate. I need more energy to do my art and haven't figured out how to get it. Different drugs help but not quite enough.

Even with my problems I feel fortunate. I still walk, drive and tend my yard. My daughter and I still enjoy our time together. She pushes me to do more art. She seems to be my biggest fan!

"Pretty Petals and Peaches" is acrylic on matt board. It is very loose in comparison to the detailed older work of mine. I like the color usage of my "MS era". I have learned to take life a little less intensely and use color more intensely. My work has changed for the better.

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Pretty Petals and Peaches
Pretty Petals and Peaches - Artwork

Big Creek Basin
Big Creek Basin
 - Artwork

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